The meditation center

Located at Chemin des Lilas 11, in Renens, near Lausanne, this lovely house is equipped with two bright meditation rooms, as well as an consultation room.

centre de méditation lausanne
A meditation group in one of the meditation room
centre de méditation lausanne
A meditation student in the other room
Our consultation room

Your path to your inner peace begins with a free discovery course. You will be able to see our meditation rooms, attend a presentation of the meditation and try out the method we practice. This session is totally free, there is no obligation to register afterwards. Its purpose is to show you the place and to introduce you to meditation.

Undoubtely, as in any area of life, to get results that last, practice and repetition are important. With us it is strongly advised to practice during a year, to let you discovery yourself and above all to learn to live as your true nature, your true self. This is why we offer several types of subscription, ranging from one month, 3 months, 6 months to 1 year.

By paying your membership fee, you will have unlimited access to the meditation centre from 9am to 10pm from Monday to Sunday. You will be followed in the method from beginning to end. You choose your own rhythm and regularity. All you have to do is make an appointment on a mobile application according to your needs:

  • Individual online guided meditation (Skype or Zoom, or telephone)
  • Online consultations and advice (Skype, Zoom or telephone)
  • On spot consultations and advice
  • Guided or autonomous meditation at the centre
  • Action meditation at the centre

It is also highly recommended to practice the meditation method independently from home, a good complement to the courses and lectures given at the meditation centre.

It makes you want to meet us? Book your free discovery session now using the following button! We look forward to meeting you!