About meditation

Where does the stress come from ?

Although we are born into the world, we do not live in the real world as it appears in front of us. On the contrary, we live in a false illusory world that we ourselves have created with our experiences, our “knowledge”, our lives and our conceptions. This experience is our mind and the accumulation of thoughts linked to it. It generates doubts, questios and a lack of concentration.

What is this meditation and where does it come from ?

This meditation method comes from Asia, and more precisely from South Korea. The principle is very simple: allow the mind to find its inner peace, its true nature, which is nothing other than the original foundation of the Universe, also called Truth, or the Source.

To do this, it is a question of freeing oneself from the images that one has accumulated throughout one’s life and which, unconsciously, has constituted the self-centered “Me”. After each meditation session, we can free ourselves from the countless “layers” that condition and weigh us down. This is how the mind is cleansed and recovers its original nature.

How to practice ?

This method from South Korea is taught by meditation teachers who have themselves practiced this method beforehand. They are called meditation guides. They are neither therapists nor doctors. Their role is to explain the technic to the student and to guide them on their way. It is the efforts made and the sincerity placed in his practice that will lead the student to find his true inner peace.